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The Business Case for LED Street Lighting - challenges and potential pitfalls

Posted April 21, 2017
The Business Case for LED Street Lighting - challenges and potential pitfalls

Lambeth contract; courtesy of CU Phosco.

Alistair Scott and Kevin Dugdale of Designs for Lighting will be presenting a Technical Paper at the forthcoming ILP Northern Region Technical meeting on the 26th April at the Fusilier Museum in Bury. As ILP Premier members Design for Lighting are promoting their programme of CPD talks to the regions' technical meetings.

'The Business Case for LED Street Lighting' presentation will discuss the large scale replacement programmes that many Local Authorities have started or are considering to convert their existing street lighting to LED. Alistair and Kevin will bring up the challenges and potential pitfalls which this process engenders, namely:

  • How do you ensure that the specification is future proof and fit for purpose?
  • How do you ensure that the lighting quality is equal to or better than the existing levels?

  • How do you specify meaningful warranties?

  • How do you ensure that the solution will provide true and appropriate energy benefits to the Authority? 

They will also highlight how the process is made more complex by the process of ‘One for One‘ by installing LED’s on existing lighting columns and creating a further issue for the specifier:

  • How do you know the existing column is strong enough to support the new apparatus?
  • How do you manage the design process to ensure that the lighting levels are achieved in a cost-effective manner?

Alistair has dealt with many of these issues first hand and this talk will answer these questions and more. Guidance will be provided to specifiers and manufacturers on achieving optimum solutions. The available guidance documents will be introduced including the Recommendations for Energy Efficient Exterior Lighting Systems and the Good Practice Specification Template.

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