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Updates to GN01

Posted January 29, 2020

Do you know how to implement the updated GN01 guidance published by the ILP on the reduction of obtrusive light?0 (3).jpg

Today, the ILP have published their updated guidance document, GN01. This document discusses how to reduce obtrusive light. DfL are here to help with any queries that you may have about how to implement this. The revised document incorporates the latest updates to the CIE document and considers industry comment regarding the assessment and definition of obtrusive lighting.

Some of the key updates to the guidance include:

  • Revisions to the document include greater emphasis on the restrictions of glare, which should help to increase safety for road users from adjacent flood lighting installations.
  • The revised document now considers dark skies and helps limit the potential for sky glow to occur by stipulating maximum vales for total upward light from a scheme, including that of the reflected light from installations consisting of 4 or more luminaires.

As lighting professionals, we have a duty to ensure that the environmental lighting that we design is suitable for the area in which it is situated. Updates to GN01 will help to ensure that obtrusive light from privately owned lighting is brought back under control.

Our team are extremely passionate about minimising light pollution and we have previously worked on dark skies projects to great acclaim.  

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The new GN01 guidance can be found here: