Market sectors Highways

Designs for Lighting work on highway lighting design, street lighting asset management and invest to save initiatives.

Lighting & Electrical design - Designs for all highway applications including Motorways, residential roads and urban or rural centres. Lighting is designed to minimise energy, capital and maintenance costs using BSEN13201, BS5489 or other international standards.

Asset Management - DfL work with local authorities to create electronic inventories, verify inventory data and advise on managing the assets.

Inspection and Commissioning - DfL carry out lighting surveys, supervision, independent certification and commissioning of lighting installations. We also measure lighting levels at installations to BSEN13201-4 and ILE Technical Report TR28.

Management - DfL are experienced in managing Street Lighting departments on a temporary basis and of secondment of lighting engineers for specific projects or to address resourcing issues.

Contract Writing - DfL has managed Electrical Works Term Maintenance contracts, including re-writing the contract, specification and method of measurement.