Market sectors Urban & Public Realm

Lighting is for people and communities. Our designs facilitate people to see clearly and enhance the space and objects around them. We ensure that routes and the different areas of a townscape are clearly indicated.

Lighting Strategies - DfL can create lighting masterplans, nightscape policies and street lighting policies for any rural or urban environment. Light pollution and energy conservation are major issues and we can advise on the optimum solution for future developments.

Pedestrian Lighting - We are experienced in creating pedestrian lighting schemes that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Lanterns and mounting heights should reflect the architecture and use of the space. Good quality white light provides easy identification of people and places. We ensure that all our schemes meet both the relevant nation standards and local requirements.

Secured by Design - When a town centre is attractive at night, it becomes vibrant and lively and commerce is improved. A busy street deters crime and the fear of crime. We can advise clients on how best to comply with the Secured by Design initiatives.

Product Evaluation - Our independence allows us to provide unbiased advice on product design, suitability for application, competitor comparisons and market acceptability.