Consultancy Services

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Whether you are striving to reduce energy costs, wishing to have better control and management over your asset, provide a safer environment for residents and visitors, or wish to beauty and enhance an urban or historical landscape, we can provide the right people who can be in the right place at the right time. We can ensure that your goal is delivered - on time and to budget.

Lighting Design

Designs for all applications including highway (Motorways, traffic routes, residential roads [including Section 38 and 278 schemes]) Architectural lighting (including urban & rural centres), sports lighting, car parks, tunnel lighting and all other types of exterior or interior lighting. If lighting is needed, we can design it.

Our lighting designs aim to minimise energy, capital and maintenance costs using relevant British or international standards. Our designers provide best value for the design of street lighting layouts and cable networks using the latest technological and innovative advice.

Project Finance

Our team is experienced in Local Government procurement processes. We provide comprehensive technical advice throughout the procurement process, in partnership with stakeholders; to achieve the clients desired output.  We promote innovation and best practice to ensure the project delivers best value. We provide technical due diligence to project funders on various aspects of the highway electrical service including an assessment of inventory accuracy.

Technical Advice

Our experienced team of engineers have a wealth of knowledge and offer advice on all aspects of Lighting Design from concept through to producing full design packages to meet the client’s specifications.

We provide advice to manufacturers or end users on any aspect of the build quality and features or benefits of products either in service or in development.

Benchmarking or market testing of products, software and photometry is a powerful tool to ensure the optimum solution is achieved.

Energy / Carbon Reduction Strategy & Lighting Policy

DfL advise on energy reduction strategies and assist with the requirements of the CRCEE (Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency) Scheme.  Switching off street lighting could lead to increases in accidents and crime. We therefore look to innovative ways of reducing energy consumption on a site by site basis.

We advise on the many options for energy reduction, including variable lighting levels, central management systems, optimal designs and efficient light sources.

We write Lighting Policy and Strategy documents.

Invest To Save

There are many benefits for installing a new lighting system or upgrading existing lighting with new lamp or LED technology with control systems which enable the varying of light levels. DfL can help in specifying the right system to meet your needs to ensure that the investment you make will in the longer term save you money in the shortest possible time period.

Inspection / Measurement / Certification

DfL carry out lighting surveys, supervision, independent certification and commissioning of lighting installations.  We also measure lighting levels at installations to BSEN13201-4 and ILP Technical Report TR28. We are the leading supplier in Independent Certifier services, currently contracted to several major Street Lighting Projects.  We use an in-house system to facilitate detailed monitoring and management of the process.


DfL are experienced in providing management expertise into Street Lighting departments on a temporary basis and we can second lighting engineers into existing teams for specific projects or to address resourcing issues.

Lighting Impact Assessments

We provide Visual and Lighting Impact Assessments which then feed into Environmental Statements or Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s). We advise Developers and Planners on lighting issues associated with planning for new developments including commercial, residential and sports projects. DfL advise on environmental topics such as obtrusive light and light nuisance.  Our designs minimise obtrusive light and sky glow in rural areas whilst maintaining security. The impact on a lighting scheme on residents and other users are prime considerations in all our designs. Ecology and wildlife is also a primary consideration.

Asset Management

DfL work with local authorities or contractors to create electronic inventories, verify inventory data and advise on managing the assets in accordance with ILP Technical Report TR22. We provide technical due diligence to project funders to assess Local Authority inventory accuracy.

Training, Mentoring & CPD

Our Technical Knowledge can be passed on to our clients in the form of CPD seminars with presentations being tailored to meet the individual needs. We lecture for Professional Institutions and other organisations on diverse topics including obtrusive light and light nuisance; lighting design & lighting fundamentals. As a HERS (Highway Electrical Registration Scheme) registered organisation we are able to provide other organisations with assessment and registration of staff to National Highways Sector Scheme 8.

Typical CPD topics:-

Colour temperature in street lighting; What are the issues?

 An interactive presentation on issues in choosing between cool, neutral and warm white temperatures in street lighting design, with the help of working examples. With standards changing and the issue of light and health becoming more prominent, this issue is set to continue.

The Value of Lighting Design – Why standards should be honoured but not necessarily obeyed!

This presentation talks about the importance of design standards and how standards should guide policy, not dictate.

Lighting Design in the Dark Skies National Park

A presentation about light impact assessments and how strategies should be prepared by competent lighting professionals to account for obtrusive light. The talk will illustrate some common objections we see from planning applications.

Lighting designer or lighting engineer?

Lighting professionals are now required to be both engineer and designer in order to meet both client aspirations and CDM regulations. This talk aims to illustrate the changing scope of a traditional lighting designer.

Expert Witness

We provide expert witness services to the legal profession in any area where specific expertise is required associated to lighting. With expert witness training from Bond Solon and other relevant training as well as court room experience, we are well placed to add value to any case.